On Nov 6, 2012, at 11:25 PM, Vladimir Yamshchikov <yaxi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Error attempting to display contents of library (SC datasets): 
> (OperationalError) no such column: True u'SELECT dataset_permissions.id AS 
> dataset_permissions_id, dataset_permissions.create_time AS 
> dataset_permissions_create_time, dataset_permissions.update_time AS 
> dataset_permissions_update_time, dataset_permissions.action AS 
> dataset_permissions_action, dataset_permissions.dataset_id AS 
> dataset_permissions_dataset_id, dataset_permissions.role_id AS 
> dataset_permissions_role_id XnFROM dataset_permissions XnWHERE True AND 
> dataset_permissions.action = ?' ['access'].

This issue has been fixed as of changeset 8116:ecd131b136d0 and will be 
available in the next distribution release.

> Why reporting is disabled from within this instance of Galaxy? KInda silly - 
> there is suggestion to report the error to the developers' team and after 
> long typing it says "Disabled". Having encountered that "joke" before I 
> wisely copied the message content before "sending" it over (that is trashing 
> in fact),  so I can send using outside email.

I'm not sure exactly what is causing your IOError (hopefully someone else has 
ideas and can chime in), but error reporting requires some configuration on the 
part of the local admin -- see your universe_wsgi.ini, specifically the Mail 
and notification section.

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