Dear Sir or Madam,

I am having difficult loading files onto my local galaxy instance. I have given myself admin status, but when I attempt to add files to a new library, I get the following message:

Error attempting to display contents of library (New data library): (OperationalError) no such column: True u'SELECT AS dataset_permissions_id, dataset_permissions.create_time AS dataset_permissions_create_time, dataset_permissions.update_time AS dataset_permissions_update_time, dataset_permissions.action AS dataset_permissions_action, dataset_permissions.dataset_id AS dataset_permissions_dataset_id, dataset_permissions.role_id AS dataset_permissions_role_id XnFROM dataset_permissions XnWHERE True AND dataset_permissions.action = ?' ['access'].

I have tried toggling some things in the universe_wsgi.ini as well as changing the permissions associated with the library. But I still get this message.

After looking around a bit on the help site, I cam across the following exchange on one of your boards:

   This is a bug that is fixed in revision ecd131b. Sorry for the

-- jt

However, I have updated to the most recent release using mercurial, so I don't know if this applies to me or not. How can I determine if I have revision ecd131b? I'm running Max Os 10.7 and using Safari to interface with galaxy. Actually, I was using Firefox at first, but it was hanging during file uploads and the problem disappeared when I switched to Safari. I guess this is a separate issue, but has anyone reported similar problems?

John R. Clayton, PhD
Université de Strasbourg
Anopheles Group, CNRS UPR-9022
"Réponse Immunitaire et Développement chez les Insectes"
Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IBMC)
15, rue René Descartes F-67084 CEDEX Strasbourg France

Tel: +33
Fax: +33


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