Essentially, this the similar to a dataset upload where the origin is from a 
web page when a user clicks on a HTML button. The button is not part of the 
tool framework but any number of possible
I am writing a variety of data editors in JavaScript and it would be convenient 
to upload the dataset into the user's current history list.
of JavaScript actions.

I think I should be able to use the regular upload1 ( machinery. But 
So far, I have not had success in tricking it with my JavaScript function. I 
know that I could add web api. But there is a lot hairy code in the history 
dataset association that looks like it will change. So I'd rather keep it 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


function UploadToHistory(name, value) { 
    payload = {  tool_id: "upload1",
        'file_type': 'tabular', 
        'file_name', name,
        'dbkey': '?', 
        'files_0|url_paste': value};

    $.ajax( {
        async:      false,
        type:       "POST",
        url:        "/tool_runner/index",
        data:       payload,
        dataType:   "json",
        success:    function(array_obj, status) { console.log("success", 
array_obj, status); },
        failure:    function() {console.log("fail");}
    } );
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