I went down something of a rabbit hole last night, I thought that
uploading files through the API using multipart/form-data worked. It
is only at the very end of my adventure that I realized it only works
for libraries uploads. I think it would be great to get that working
to histories as well. I cannot spend much more time on this right now
(I thought I only needed to spend an hour to implement the client side
stuff), but I thought I would post the progress I made here in case
someone wants to take up the fight someday:

The first thing is that when issuing multipart/form-data requests,
inputs are not currently being deserialized from JSON (so for instance
in the tools api code the "inputs" variable would be the string
containing the json, not the python dictionary).

To bring multipart/form-data requests in line with other content
requests I modified this in ilb/galaxy/web/framework/__init__.py

                    payload = kwargs.copy()
                    named_args, _, _, _ = inspect.getargspec(func)
                    for arg in named_args:
                        payload.pop(arg, None)

with this:

                    payload = kwargs.copy()
                    named_args, _, _, _ = inspect.getargspec(func)
                    for arg in named_args:
                        payload.pop(arg, None)
                    for k, v in payload.iteritems():
                        if isinstance(v, (str, unicode)):
                                payload[k] = simplejson.loads(v)
                                # may not actually be json, just continue
                    payload =
util.recursively_stringify_dictionary_keys( payload )

One could also imagine doing this replacement in the tools api
controller directly on payload['input'] instead.

After that change, files still weren't being matched up with inputs properly:

This debug statement I added to upload_common.py, demonstrates that
file_data is None.

galaxy.tools.actions.upload_common INFO 2012-11-27 00:22:17,585
Uploaded datasets is {'NAME': u'galxtest694734465387762969.txt',
'file_data': None, 'space_to_tab': None, 'url_paste': None,
'__index__': 0, 'ftp_files': None}

To address this, the files_*|file_data parameters need to be moved
inside of the inputs dict.

That means in lib/galaxy/webapps/galaxy/api/tools.py, changing this:

        inputs = payload[ 'inputs' ]

To this:

        inputs = payload[ 'inputs' ]
        for k, v in payload.iteritems():
            if k.startswith("files_"):
                inputs[k] = v

Then the debug line becomes this:

galaxy.tools.actions.upload_common INFO 2012-11-27 00:33:15,168
Uploaded datasets is {'NAME': u'galxtest2484272839208214846.txt',
'file_data': FieldStorage('files_0|file_data',
u'galxtest2484272839208214846.txt'), 'space_to_tab': None,
'url_paste': None, '__index__': 0, 'ftp_files': None}

Which matches pretty well with the same line coming from a web browser request:

galaxy.tools.actions.upload_common INFO 2012-11-27 00:23:57,590
Uploaded datasets is {'NAME': u'', 'file_data':
FieldStorage('files_0|file_data', u'second_step.png'), 'space_to_tab':
None, 'url_paste': u'', '__index__': 0, 'ftp_files': None}

These changes aside I still wasn't it sill didn't work, that is why
this is a rambling e-mail and not a pull request. I got this exception
http://pastebin.com/hhs1pjtP. I guess something to do with the session
handling stuff being different between API calls and normal web calls.

Anyway, I've inspected the actual requests I was generating and I
think they are reasonable, Galaxy just needs to be augmented to accept
them :). If someone does land up taking a look at this, I have
committed my test case to blend4j so it can be used to really quickly
test such a client request (requires git, Java, and maven):

% git checkout g...@github.com:jmchilton/blend4j.git
% cd blend4j
% mvn test -Dtest=ToolsTest

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