On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Nate Coraor <n...@bx.psu.edu> wrote:
>> So a little defensive coding could prevent the segfault then (leaving
>> the separate issue of why the jobs lack this information)?
> Indeed, I pushed a check for this in 4a95ae9a26d9.

Great. That will help.

>> This was a week ago, but yes, at the time it was reproducible
>> with new jobs.
> Is that to say it's still happening and you've simply worked
> around it (by disabling tasks), or that it is no longer happening?

I've not tried it for a week - it was my development install that
tracks galaxy-central which showed the problem, so I avoided
updated our production install until resolving it.

I'll see how it behaves later this week (although there is a
mass job hogging the cluster queue which may complicate
matters and reduce the turn around).


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