Dear Galaxy developers and community,
I have been testing and using the latest additions to the galaxy api calls 
which are great and very useful.
The script is great because you can modify 
parameters on the fly when submitting workflows. However, I ran into a problem 
with this script.
This script works nicely if you have to modify only one parameter per tool, 
however, if I have 2 or more parameters for the same tool that I need to 
adjust, it will only adjust one parameter, while ignoring the rest of the 
parameters in my list for that tool.
I believe the issue has to do with line 44 in the script which reassigns the 
parameter name and value for a tool instead of adding to a list.

Would a fix for this just be as simple as assigning a list to the dictionary of 
multiple parameters for the same tool?



        for v in sys.argv[5:]:
            print("Multiple arguments ");

                step, src, ds_id = v.split('=');
                data['ds_map'][step] = {'src':src, 'id':ds_id};

            except ValueError:
                print("VALUE ERROR:");
                wtype, wtool, wparam, wvalue = v.split('=');
Line 44:            data['parameters'][wtool] = {'param':wparam, 'value':wvalue}
                except ValueError:
                    print("TOOL ID ERROR:");


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