Hi Peter

Why 'shut it down again'? Just keep it running all the time (on a different port than the actual Galaxy server, of course).

And you have a real-time overview how busy the Galaxy server is, who is doing what, and (hopefully not) what errors occur. And at the end of the day or month you get your stats.

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

On 12/05/2012 12:04 PM, Peter Briggs wrote:

The Galaxy reports interface (run_reports.sh) looks immensely useful for
getting a handle on the usage of our local Galaxy, and I was wondering
if anyone could offer advice on how they run the reports in a production

In terms of setting up and running the reports server, there doesn't
appear to be much documentation however the instructions in the June 8th
2010 news brief covers the basics adequately:


This looks okay for running in an ad-hoc fashion (i.e. start it up, look
at the reports in a browser running on localhost, shut it down again as
required) but does anyone run it in a more persistent set-up? Or is
ad-hoc the way to go?

Any suggestions welcome, many thanks

Best wishes, Peter

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