Hi, all.

                I've been trying to deploy a CloudMan/Galaxy cluster on EC2 for 
a couple of days now and have been facing all kinds of unexpected weirdness's. 
I found out that the web-based form that automatically creates the EC2 instance 
uses an image that doesn`t seem to be officially supported (or at least 
encouraged) by the Galaxy team, so I decided to launch the instance by hand 
following the instructions from here:


                Up to the point before accessing Galaxy, everything looks ok, 
but the service never starts. Instead, it shows up at the CloudMan Admin page 
as "Error" and nothing happens if I try to Stop/Start or Restart it.There's no 
log either.  The Postgres service displays an immutable "Starting" status, 
while its log provides the following message:

                FATAL:  database files are incompatible with server
DETAIL:  The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.1, which is 
not compatible with this version 8.4.7.

                It does look like a messed up installation, which is quite 
surprising as this is supposed to be the recommended working image.

                Does anybody have any clue on what might be going on?

                Thanks in advance.


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