I'm seeing some weird behavior in our local galaxy instance and am wondering if 
anyone has seen anything similar.

I have a custom tool that I've written that generates a tab-delimted file.  
When I click on the item name in the history, I can see the contents in the 
"preview" window.  However, when I click on the eye (Display Data in Browser), 
it comes up empty.  Same thing if I download the file.  However, if I go to the 
database directory to examine the file on disk, the content is exactly what I 
would expect.  The permissions on the file are galaxy user/group and the file 
has permissions of 644.

I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to view or download this file 
through galaxy.

Any ideas?



Dave Walton
Manager Scientific Computing
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, Maine

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