I and other members of my lab are encountering issues uploading (some) files to 
the Main public Galaxy server.  We routinely upload from our local server to 
main.g2.bx.psu.edu via ftp using Cyberduck.  In my case, on 12/6/12 I uploaded 
12 zipped fastq files.  Of these, 9 were completely fine.  For the remaining 3 
files, the transfer through Cyberduck appeared to work fine, and the files 
appeared (with the correct file size) on the upload screen under "Get data" as 
usual.  However, once the files were uploaded into a Galaxy history, they were 
empty with a message saying "Problem decompressing gzipped data."  An example 
is entry #45: '1PositiveRFP92112Pool41_ATCACG_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz' in my 
history called "Tcell_120812."  My account uses this email address as the login 
ID (mmo...@rockefeller.edu).

All of these files are pretty large (from 5 to 10 GB once unzipped), but the 
failure/success did not appear to correlate to the size of the file.  I am not 
exceeding my space quota. In addition, I was able to successfully upload the 
file listed above (1PositiveRFP92112Pool41_ATCACG_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz) to our 
local Galaxy installation, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the 
file itself.  However, it has failed to upload to the public galaxy server 
multiple times.  The experience of my lab mates is similar; some of their files 
are uploading correctly, and others are having the same problem I described 
above.  We can't seem to find anything common among the files that are failing 
to upload.  For instance, they span different sequencing runs and were 
deposited on our local server at different times

Has anyone else been encountering similar issues ?  Please let me know if I 
should direct this question elsewhere or if I can provide any further 
information.  Thanks very much for your time.

Michael Moore
Rockefeller University

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