Hi, all.

                I set up a local installation of Galaxy and have been trying to 
reproduce inside it what I had previously accomplished with command-line 
scripts. One of the tools that I'm using is BWA, so I installed the "Map with 
BWA Illumina" tool from the tool shed. So far so good. However, when performing 
alignments at the command-line, I was able to directly input fastq.gz files 
onto BWA, which doesn`t seem to be possible inside Galaxy.

                Besides saving a lot of storage space, working with gzipped 
fastq files turned out to give me faster results too, so it's a "must have" 
feature for me. When I try to create a BWA task, the form complains that there 
isn`t any compatible file in my history. If I try to see the files contents, 
there's an error message complaining about their encoding. If I gunzip the 
files, everything works fine.

                Am I falling into any beginner's dumbness?

                Thanks in advance.

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