Hi all, 

We are currently changing how cluster management from PBSPro to LSF (LSF 7 
Update 6). We have a running Galaxy using drmaa with PBSPro (with the "job are 
submitted as real users" option). We expected an easy transition to LSF i.e. 
simply changing the drmaa implementation but of course, life is not that 
simple. So basically it is not working. We have tried with drmaa 1.0.4 and 
1.0.3 (downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/lsf-drmaa/ ). 

Before getting to the symptoms: does anybody successfully run Galaxy with drmaa 
and LSF 7 Update 6 ? 

Now the symptoms:
- first we had an error saying something like "queued as Job <5160> is 
submitted to default queue <medium_priority>" is not an idea
- we traced this in the drmaa C code and added a regex to actually extract the 
job id (if you are successfully running Galaxy with drmaa and LSF 7 Update 6; 
did you also have to do this??); 

but then a new error came:

- jobs are successfully sent to the LSF queue and submitted to a node
- after few ms we get an error :
galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa DEBUG 2012-12-17 11:14:29,227 (1699) submitting with 
credentials: sauer [uid: 8483]
galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa DEBUG 2012-12-17 11:14:29,229 (1699) Job script for 
external submission is: /g/galaxy/galaxy-dev_data/pbs/1699.jt_json
galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa INFO 2012-12-17 11:14:29,464 (1699) queued as Job 
<5160> is submitted to default queue <medium_priority>.
E #2bae [     0.00]  * call to lsb_openjobinfo returned with error 1:No 
matching job found mapped to 1040:Job does not exist in DRMs queue.
galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa DEBUG 2012-12-17 11:14:30,275 (1699/Job <5160> is 
submitted to default queue <medium_priority>.
5160) job left DRM queue with following message: code 18: lsb_openjobinfo: XDR 
operation error

We are lost and the PBSPro license runs out on January 1 so we badly need to 
fix this... 

PS: Note that if we simply switch back to PBSPro, it is all working fine; which 
tells us that the Galaxy setup is ok.

Thx for your help



Charles Girardot
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
E. Furlong Group
Tel: +49 6221 387 -8585 (V205) or 8433 (V320)
Fax: +49-(0)6221-387-8166 
Email: charles.girar...@embl.de
Room V205/V320
Meyerhofstra├če 1, 
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

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