Dear Galaxy members,

I am new to galaxy and just installed galaxy on aws cloud. I am testing how it 
works and have the following question below:

1.       If I upload dataset with url, where the data location after uploading?

2.       How many Gb space from root of instance would be more efficient to run 
galaxy? If root space does not matter, what else would affect the overall 

3.       I tried to test bowtie2 with the dataset I uploaded, however, the 
window for reference genome is very narrow and nothing can be selected. When I 
omit that option to execute bowtie2, galaxy give error message for requesting 
reference genome. I am using hg19, should I upload myself?

4.       Same error happen for me to run fastqc --- the reference genome 
selection window is way too narrow and nothing can be selected

I really appreciate your inputs and helps!
Kind regards,

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