I am trying to configure Galaxy to submit jobs to a remote cluster 
(specifically, an XSEDE resource to which I don't have administrative access). 
I'm familiar with LWR and have read another response about configuring the 
Galaxy host as a PBS submit host. What is the best approach to accomplish what 
I'm after? 

I have experimented with the cli job runner with the SecureShell and Torque 
plugins. With some minimal modifications, I can run jobs via this mechanism, 
but file staging fails. I haven't looked into the details of the staging 
failure yet. Is this a viable approach? Is the cli job runner supported? (the 
universe_wsgi.ini file says available job runners include pbs and drmaa)

I've found a similar question on the galaxy-dev mailing list, with mention of 
some relevant recent work:


What is the status of the work referenced in that post?

Tom Uram

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