I installed Galaxy locally. I would like to check with you if its installation 
package has everything necessary.
galaxy-galaxy-dist-36ad8aa7b922.zip (checked today: 01/07/13)

My main problem is that "NGS:Mapping section" does not look similar to the main 
Galaxy page.
The downloaded package contains "Bowtie2" there but things like "Lastz", "BWA", 
"Bowtie" (bowtie1)
are absent.

I.e. there are no any XML files related to these software inside of "tools" 
folder (only bowtie2 related).
Configuration files ("tool_*") inside of the main folder contain only 
references to "bowtie2". While my friends
say that their version of files have references  to the first bowtie.

Can you please confirm that it's supposed to be like that and you removed 
things related to BWA/Bowtie/Lastz?
And if yes, can you please indicate where I could find an older version of 
Galaxy distributive with them?
If I'm doing something wrong, can you please tell me?

Thank you,
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