Dear Galaxy group,

I am uploading the double-ended NGS workflow 
(Galaxy-Workflow-mt_analysis_0.01_strand-specific_(fastq_double).ga from galaxy 
website) to galaxy cloudman and had the following error --

Workflow mt analysis 0.01 strand-specific (fastq double) (imported from 
uploaded file) imported successfully. The workflow requires the following tools 
that are not available in this Galaxy instance.You can likely install the 
required tools from one of the Galaxy tool sheds listed below.
Tool name Map with BWA, id bwa_wrapper, version 1.0.3

Galaxy main tool 
Galaxy test tool 

And when I tried to edit the workflow, it takes forever to load the workflow 
editor,  with "unrecognized Tool: bwa_wrapper" on the background. Does anyone 
encounter the same problem?

I really appreciate your inputs and comments,

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