I installed a local Galaxy server with Apache proxy, kerberos authentication 
and submitting to a cluster with DRMAA.  Everything works great, so far.

Sequence data is NFS mounted on the Galaxy server and all cluster nodes at 
/shared/ngs/<labname>.  I would like to configure one Data Library for each 
lab, add the data from the lab's ngs directory to their library, and 
synchronize the library and directory.  I used "allow_library_path_paste = 
True" and "Upload files from filesystem paths" to add data to a library from an 
ngs lab directory.  This works great the first time, but if you do it a second 
time the data is duplicated in the library.

1) Is there a way to synchronize a data library and directory?
2) If so, is there a way to automate the synchronization, perhaps scripted with 

Thanks for your help!
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