I've searched the list to see if anyone specifically mentions not being able to 
use the "cloud launch<https://main.g2.bx.psu.edu/cloudlaunch>" feature on the 
main public instance, but no one seems to address it. I have no trouble 
launching Galaxy-cloudman using an AMI and pasting in my own user data. 
However, I can't successfully use the cloud launch page to do the same. I've 
tried letting it create a new security group as well as using a pre-existing 
security group. Also, I've then deleted all security groups to see if it would 
create one, which it did not. Similarly, I tried creating a new access key 
pair, with no further success. I make it through the process of entering the 
key ID and secret key, it pulls existing security group information into the 
drop-down selector, and I give a cluster name and password and submit the form. 
Then it just stalls forever. No new security groups and no EC2 instances 
launched. What is the state of this tool? Thanks.
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