Hi All,

Thanks to this email[1] from Peter Cock I was able to find what was
causing the error I initially described here[2]. I also now have a
theory of why this is happening.

My unconfirmed guess. When a colon is present in the standard output
or standard error file, someone betweent Galaxy, python-drmaa,
pbs-drmaa, Torque or Maui recognize this as a scp syntax, like:

And then choose to at 'galaxy@' in from of what is really a filesystem
path. This is why I'm seeing this kind of error:
Unable to copy file /var/spool/torque/spool/1013.head.OU to
*** error from copy
cp: cannot create regular file
No such file or directory
*** end error output
Output retained on that host in: /var/spool/torque/undelivered/1013.head.OU

By using Peter's ".replace(":", "_")" trick on
"lib/galaxy/jobs/runners/drmaa.py" I was able to make this issue go
away. As Peter mention this is a very dirty fix and I'm sure there has
to be a much cleaner way of fixing this issue.


I'll be opening a ticket on Trello to follow the progress on this issue.
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