I have a 'select' tag in a tool's XML file, I would like to have a default
option, which is choosing nothing. So the drop down menu of the web
interface will be empty and when a user clicks the drop down menu, the list
contains an empty entry with other options. So I basically have an option
tag like the following <option value=""></option> together with other
options. This works fine when I have up to 19 options including the default
options. A user can submit the job without selecting any options and the
program will use the default option. However, when the number of options
exceeds 20, then drop down menu of the web interface displays "Click to
Select or Search" instead of empty. And the user has to select one of the
options in order to submit the job, otherwise, a question mark is displayed
in the drop down menu and then an error message shows up under the drop
down menu with the message "An invalid option was selected, please verify".
Why the behavior changed when there are 20 options or more for a drop down

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