Thank you Jennifer for your help.  

I already resolved the issues with Bwa and Bowtie.  I was misled with some 
missing instructions but I managed to resolved them by searching online.  Now I 
am stuck at the SAM Tools.... displaying a reference genome....  :)...  I will 
give more details at what I am doing hopefully someone can help.

My reference fasta (hg10.fasta) file is located at 

I ran the following command to build the samtools index file
>samtools faidx hg19.fasta
This generated the hg19.fasta.fai

Here is the content of the above path after running the samtools indexing 

-rwxr-xr-x 1 galaxy galaxy hg19.fasta
-rw-rw-r-- 1 galaxy galaxy hg19.fasta.fai

For my ~tool-data/sam_fa_indices.loc file here is the info I am using to 
reference the index file:

I restarted my server but I do not see anything when I go to 
GUI->NGS:SamTools->Sam-To-Bam->Choose the source for the reference 

Is there something I am missing or is there anything else I need to change at 
this point.


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Hello Hakeem,

It is difficult to troubleshoot without knowing all the exact details of 
your configuration, but it sounds as if you are on the right path and 
the last few bits should be easy to reconcile with our documentation.

In particular, check that the builds.txt file contains the genomes that 
you are adding. Also, if you want to view or use our indexes (if we have 
them available for your genome), or just want to double check your 
indexes vs ours, the rsync service can be used. Both are described in 
this wiki:

I am not sure that I understand step #5, but there is another confusing 
point here. You want the data and all tools under the primary Galaxy 
directory hierarchy or have the alternate locations specified in the 
universe config file. Also, it is important to not us symbolic paths in 
the .loc files - use the full hard path to the indexed data.

Hopefully this helps! If you do need more feedback, please be sure to 
leave the mailing list on the cc to help us track any reply,


Galaxy team

On 1/30/13 4:19 PM, Hakeem Almabrazi wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed Galaxy in local Centos Vm.  I did my best to get
> everything working ( I think).  I followed the instructions in this Wiki
> ( to install
> reference genomes for the tools Bwa and Bowtie.  Here is what I did in
> details:
> 1.I installed all the software and added them to the PATH and everything
> seems to be working.
> 2.Then I created the indices as explained.
> 3.I put all the indices in the same recommended directory structure and
> gave all access rights to the Galaxy user which runs the Galaxy server.
> 4.I created the loc files (bowtie_indices.loc and
> bowtie_indices_color.loc and bwa_index.loc) and populate them with the
> recommended contents) and place them in ~/tool_data/ folder.
> 5.I copied the xml and py files from this location and put them into
> ~/tools/sr_mapping/....
> This step was not mentioned in the instruction but I thought this might
> be the cause.
> 6.I restarted the server.
> Once I select NGS:Mapping tool and Bwa or Bowtie I do not see the
> reference genome in the list.  Can someone tell me what I missed or how
> to go about debugging it?
> I appreciate any kind of help....
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