I created a simple workflow with an input file and the 'Select first' 
tool. I wanted the value to be a parameter ${value}. I am able to save the 
workflow and see the little grey parameters box at the top of the workflow 
When I try to run this workflow I get a yellow box at the top of the 
window stating the following:

Problems were encountered when loading this workflow, likely due to tool 
version changes. Missing parameter values have been replaced with default. 
Please review the parameter values below. 

I do not however see an error in paster.log

When I reopen the workflow in the editor I get a popup window saying 
'Workflow loaded with changes'

Problems were encountered loading this workflow (possibly a result of tool 
upgrades). Please review the following parameters and then save.
Step 2: Select first
Value no longer valid for 'Select first', replaced with default

I am running two instances of Galaxy (Jan. 11 distributuion) and this 
occurs in both of my instances. Will other workflows as well. But it 
appears to only occur for integer parameters...not text parameters.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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