Have you restarted your galaxy instance after changing the setting?  And, in 
that drop-down, can you confirm that 'filesystem paths' is not an option?

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On Feb 5, 2013, at 12:15 PM, hudai...@icgeb.org wrote:

> I set  allow_library_path_paste = True in universe_wsgi.ini  and still don't 
> have the option of copying locally on manage data libraries page.
> http://i.imgur.com/PEeCAnc.png?1
> Should I set some other parameters to True?
> <quote author='Dannon Baker'>
> The absolute fastest method would be to enable filepath upload for data
> libraries (in universe_wsgi.ini -- allow_library_path_paste = True).  Once
> that's set, you can paste the absolute file path into the upload box, and
> check the box for not copying the data.  This will leave the data where it
> is on the external drive, though it will make it available in the Data
> Library.  Obviously if you use this method, you'll need to have that
> external drive attached (and always at the same mount point) to use the
> data.
> If you actually *do* want to copy this data off the external drive, simply
> don't check that 'no copy' checkbox and the data will be copied directly
> through the filesystem and not uploaded.
> -Dannon
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