I am trying to define a colleagues association table that can be used to notify 
people when there colleagues make changes. Think of it as a Facebook 
"followers" type of thing.
The relationship is not necessary inverse.  I may follow James Watson, he might 
not (yet) follow me. ;-)

Anyhow, here is where I am at, but SQL Alchemy wants a fully bidirectional 
relationship and complains

Colleague_Association.table = Table( "colleague_association", metadata,
    Column( "id", Integer, primary_key=True ),
    Column( "user_id", Integer, ForeignKey( "galaxy_user.id" ), index=True ),
    Column( "colleague_user_id", Integer, ForeignKey( "galaxy_user.id" ), 
index=True ) ,
    Column( "deleted", Boolean, default=False )

assign_mapper( context, Colleague_Association, Colleague_Association.table, 
        properties=dict( user=relation( User, backref="colleagues" ), 
                         colleague=relation( User ) ))

There are examples on the web for doing this in more recent versions of 
SQLAlchemy, but I can't find one that uses the (now deprecated) assign_mapper 

Any ideas?


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