This means the history is still being compressed; large histories can take a 
long time to compressed, so you'll have to be patient and check back 
periodically to see when the history is ready for download.


On Feb 7, 2013, at 4:02 AM, julie dubois wrote:

> Sorry for my stupid ask but when I click on the link provide by the option 
> "Export to File", I'm redirected on web page which shows me this message : 
> Still exporting history MyHistory;pleas check back soon. Link: 
> I have no possibility to download the history! What is the problem? I have 
> certainly mis-understanded your explaination.
> Thanks.
> julie
> 2013/2/6 Jeremy Goecks <>
> Unfortunately using wget won't work in this case. The reason you have access 
> to the history is your Galaxy cookie, which isn't shared with wget/curl.
> You'll need to click on the export link in your Web browser to download the 
> history to your local computer and then move it to a local server.
> Best,
> J.
> On Feb 6, 2013, at 12:07 PM, julie dubois wrote:
>> Thanks!
>> Just one ask : How can I download this compressed history : is it the same 
>> that :
>> wget url_of_exported_history
>> and copy the file from this command in a local server ?
>> Because this file is not an archive but a text file with html code
>> thanks again.
>> Julie
>> 2013/2/6 Jeremy Goecks <>
>> Ah, I see the issue: the Cistrome instance cannot be used anonymously 
>> (without login). It's not possible for one Galaxy instance to work with 
>> another instance's history because instances work with objects anonymously 
>> rather than using login credentials.
>> For now, you can download/copy the compressed history to a Web-accessible 
>> location (e.g. local web server, Dropbox) and import the history from that 
>> location. We'll look into improving this in the future.
>> Best,
>> J.
>> On Feb 6, 2013, at 11:10 AM, julie dubois wrote:
>>> Hi, thanks for your help.
>>> I've tested your procedure and it doesn't work. I have the same error.
>>> Sorry and thanks for the creation of the card.
>>> Julie
>>> 2013/2/6 Jeremy Goecks <>
>>> This is likely a permissions issue: importing your history into another 
>>> Galaxy instance requires the history to be accessible. Here's a solution 
>>> that, while ugly, should work:
>>> (1) Make the history accessible by going to Share/Publish and clicking the 
>>> option to make it accessible.
>>> (2) Export your history again.
>>> (3) Use the history URL to import to another instance.
>>> I've created a card for enhancements to this feature that will make this 
>>> process easier in the future.
>>> Best,
>>> J
>>> On Feb 6, 2013, at 5:00 AM, julie dubois wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I'm trying to import an history from the web server to my local server. 
>>>> First I've chosen "Export to File" in the history menu and I've seen a 
>>>> message with an url.
>>>> Second in my local server I've created a new history and I chosen "Import 
>>>> from File" in my new history menu.
>>>> I've pasted the url in the formular and A message says :
>>>> "Importing history from 
>>>> ''. This 
>>>> history will be visible when the import is complete"
>>>> But there is nothing in my new history and it seems that no operation is 
>>>> running!!!
>>>> Is it normal?
>>>> Another idea to transfer an hitory and his datasets in another history?
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> julie
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