Il giorno mer, 06/02/2013 alle 20.01 +0100, Nicola Soranzo ha scritto: 
> Hi Peter,
> I added these file formats mostly as placeholders for a future
> implementation. Now I have changed a bit the tool by removing acclist
> and seqloc_xml formats since they are not recognized by the last
> versions of dustmasker (I also sent an email to
> to inform them of this bug).
> As before, you can find the new version at:
> I stripped the old commit and did a new one, not a very good practice,
> sorry about that.

Hi Peter,
I've added a new commit to this repo which updates the test output files
to (recommended) BLAST 2.2.26+, since functional tests were returning

Hope you find it useful.

Nicola Soranzo, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Program
Loc. Piscina Manna
09010 Pula (CA), Italy

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