I had a small issue with the total usage of my galaxy system showing some 
negative random number so I figured my database was a little “off”.


I snooped around for some database management tools and found “manage_db.sh” 
which had an option innocently called “test”.


I ran it, without reading the little fine print that states: “Performs the 
upgrade and downgrade option on the given database. This is not a real test and 
may leave the database in a bad state. You should therefore better run the test 
on a copy of your database.”


Well…It surely did leave my database in a bad state since now I get this when I 
try to access the toolshed installed tools:


Error Traceback:

View as:    <http://srv151/admin_toolshed/browse_repositories> Interactive  |   
<http://srv151/admin_toolshed/browse_repositories> Text  |   
<http://srv151/admin_toolshed/browse_repositories> XML  
<http://srv151/admin_toolshed/browse_repositories> (full)

⇝ ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) relation 
"repository_repository_dependency_association" does not exist LINE 2: FROM 
repository_repository_dependency_association ^ 'SELECT 
repository_repository_dependency_association.id AS 
repository_repository_dependency_association.create_time AS 
repository_repository_dependency_association.update_time AS 
repository_repository_dependency_association.tool_shed_repository_id AS 
repository_repository_dependency_association.repository_dependency_id AS 
repository_repository_dependency_association_repository_d_2 \nFROM 
repository_repository_dependency_association \nWHERE %(param_1)s = 
{'param_1': 5}

URL:  <http://srv151/admin_toolshed/browse_repositories> 


Is there ANY way I can rescue this fiasco? Suffice it to say I did not do it on 
a copy and did not do a backup (yes, I learned my lesson), but maybe some SQL 
skullduggery can help me?




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