Dear all,

For anyone using my Blast2GO for pipelines wrapper:

The newly uploaded v0.0.6 of the wrapper changes from
supporting b2g4pipe v2.3.5 to supporting v2.5 instead.
This is currently available here (while the old v2.3.5
release does not appear to be online any more):

Previously by default the wrapper looked for b2g4pipe v2.3.5
under location /opt/b2g4pipe/blast2go.jar

It will now by default expect b24pipe v2.5 under location
/opt/b2g4pipe_v2.5/blast2go.jar instead (changed so you
can have both on disk at the same time during migration).

Please also note that the blast2go.loc file will need to be
updated to point at the updated property files. The Blast2GO
property files define both the database location (e.g. the
public database in Spain or your own local database)
and other configurable options which have changed from
v2.3.5 to v2.5. Please read the blast2go.loc.sample for

If you need any guidance on this, I will try to advise by
email, and make clarifications to the documentation if


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