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> Bumping one of my old queries again, with some more use-cases at the end,
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> Hi all,
> I was prompted to return to this issue after going through a fairly
> simple BLAST data analysis flow with a biology colleague - and
> being reminded just how non-obvious some of the task steps
> were [*]. Galaxy could still be much easier to use.
> Most of my protein analysis tool wrappers output tabular files,
> where column 1 is the query name, and the rest of the columns
> will be some sort of predictive model outcome or score. I do of
> course document the column meanings in the tool's help (and
> include a #header line in the output where possible), but this
> could be much more user friendly.
> A specific example is BLAST+ tabular output - where I have taken
> pains to document the columns in the tools' help text, but it would
> be much nicer to be able to annotate the columns within Galaxy's
> metadata as well. If this isn't possible in the base 'tabular' datatype,
> can it be done as a custom 'blast-tabular' datatype instead?
> ...

Based on this discussion, perhaps I do have to define a sub-format?

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