I have a working local Galaxy instance and wanted to enable DRMAA support
to utilize our SGE (or LSF) grid.  Following the guide
here<http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/Performance/Cluster> I
set what I appeared to need to make this work.  From the DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH
env variable to all the configuration settings in universe_wsgi.ini,
reconfiguring the server hosting Galaxy as a submit host, etc.  Some
specific config file changes made:

    new_file_path =
    start_job_runners = drmaa
    default_cluster_job_runner = drmaa:///
    set_metadata_externally = True
    outputs_to_working_directory = True

I then killed and restarted the Galaxy instance and tried a simple FASTQ ->
FASTA test execution, but it ran locally.  I couldn't find any sort of
errors or messages related to DRMAA in the server log, and the job ran to
completion.  I commented out the local tool runner overrides.  What can I
do to test my DRMAA configuration and where should I look for errors?

Thanks -

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