our Galaxy server is running low on disk space, so I asked all users to 
(permanently) delete old histories and datasets. One specific user alone 
managed to reduce his space usage by 2 TB. That's at least what the Galaxy 
server says. Afterwards I additionally ran the following scripts:

delete_userless_histories.sh -d 1 -r -f
purge_histories.sh -d 1 -r -f
purge_libraries.sh -d 1 -r -f
purge_folders.sh -d 1 -r -f
python cleanup_datasets.py universe_wsgi.ini -d 200 -6 -r -f
purge_datasets.sh -d 1 -r -f

Purging the histories took very long (about a day) and the log of deleted 
histories is huge. Purging the datasets also took some time. However, my disk 
usage is still the same as before. It wasn't reduced at all.

Did I miss some important step or some waiting time? Any help would be 

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