Hi Derrick and Dannon

@ Derrick

Yours happened when upgrading from 108 - 109 (which didn't happen to me).

If you have a chance to upgrade to release_2013.02.08, your database
will be upgrade from 109 - 110, I am very interested to see if the index
creation error happens to you as well.

We are talking about the same step (it is all part of our upgrade to the 2013.02.08 release which in my case involved changing the db from 107 to 110), see: ~/lib/galaxy/model/migrate/versions0109_add_repository_dependency_tables.py

Nevertheless, thanks for identifying the actual cause of the problem ie:
>There is identifier length limit in MySQL which is 64

So I am just puzzled, why I don't get this particular error message. I asked our sysadmin again, and he claims not to see this error in the logs (for our developments server upgraded last week and our production server upgraded today).

@ Dannon

> While we definitely do recommend that if you have the option to
> choose, go with postgres, Galaxy should function both now and in the
> future with MySQL.  In this case, your galaxy will function just fine
> without that index.

I assume there are a lot of 'old' Galaxy servers using MySQL around, where the 'galaxy admin' (like me) would love to switch to postgres. Maybe we can do a community effort putting together a "MySQL-to-postgres" protocol for a defined Galaxy release? And after that release, only postgres is supported. I am sure this would make a lot of things easier.....something to discuss in Oslo?

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

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