repoze.who would seem like the best candidate these days, it would be great
to see that integrated, but I worry it would also cause lots of
unintentional breakage in the corner cases.
On Mar 5, 2013 12:27 PM, "Paul Boddie" <> wrote:

> On 05/03/13 17:09, James Taylor wrote:
>> On Mar 1, 2013, at 10:39 AM, Vipin TS <> wrote:
>>  Hello members,
>>> I believe currently there is no process to validate email address
>>> provided during user account creation. We are experiencing a huge fake
>>> account creation attack on our public facing galaxy instance.
>>> Does anybody who has been managing a public instance, implemented an
>>> on-demand account creation activation by sending an email containing a
>>> link, which when clicked, validate the account creation request. Or any
>>> plans from dev-team to add this in future release?
>> How about some kind of captcha support?
> Recently, there has been increased awareness of some of the pitfalls
> involved in managing identity and authentication-related information in
> Python-based applications - not specifically to do with Python itself, but
> more to do with the community and the perceived best practices - and I'd
> really like to see a bit more collaboration around those things as well as
> around anti-spam mechanisms. Having looked at the authentication aspects of
> Galaxy, I can't help wondering if there shouldn't be some kind of generic
> "shell" for such functionality that is separate from the core functionality
> of Galaxy and would be used for other systems as well. Certainly, using
> Apache is one solution, but people do seem to want a more controlled kind
> of integration between that and the underlying applications.
> At the very least, one would hope to reuse and integrate existing
> components, perhaps at the WSGI level. Failing that, there might be some
> generic libraries that could support such reusable components. Perhaps the
> most significant challenge would be to cleanly integrate the user interface
> aspects of such components with the Galaxy output.
> Certainly, one could just extend the registration mechanism with captcha
> support, but I'd be worried about the maintainability of the code. Unless
> things have progressed fairly recently, there was already a lot of
> special-cased stuff in the area of authentication, and I'd be worried about
> unintentional breakage.
> Paul
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