> I understand that instead of having one dataset with multiple files you are
> planning to use existing datasets and combine them in a ‘collection’.  My
> concerns are:

This needs to be fleshed out much more, but this is not exactly what
we are thinking. The main change is to make it possible for a history
to contain items other than datasets. Groups of datasets would be one
such thing. Multifile datasets would be another. Workflow invocations
a third (needed to support extensions to the workflow system we are

> 1. Our data consists of 200-8000 files, can you imagine how many datasets
> we’ll end up with? It will be a mess.

Yes, it would, which is why there does need to be the concept of a
homogenous dataset collection to support this.

> 5. We are already using the “m:xxx” type datasets (thanks John) in our
> project, I guess you don’t even have a timeframe for implementing the
> “collection” concept? I’m sure that for many projects using multi file
> datasets is a requirement now, not in ‘years’ time.

We recognize the need, but implementing these using the existing
datasets with a prefix on the extension, and then special casing all
over the place, is not a maintainable solution going forward. They
should be implemented as their own entity.

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