Hi everyone,
I have some questions about the tool of Megablast in NGS:Mapping when I 
download the needed indexes .
There are four indexes files we need for Megablast:htgs 28-Jan-2013 ,nt 
28-Jan-2013,wgs 28-Jan-2013,phiX174;but there are too many types of the indexes 
file in ftp://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast/db/ ,for example : 
nt.00.tar.gz,nt.01.tar.gz,nt.02.tar.gz....I don't know the difference among 
these files ,and I don't which one  I should choose to download.In addition ,I 
can't find the index file for phiX174.
Could anyone help me and give me some advice please? Thank you very much.

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