I have been dealing with 2 problems for several weeks and am hoping you can 
provide assistance: 

#1 - File uploads seem to be very inconsistent. I am using an FTP server, the 
files upload to the FTP fine - but when I assign them to upload in Galaxy, they 
often enter a que which I have let run for up to a week and they do not 
transfer. If I keep restarting it then sometimes they will transfer in a 
minute, while the same file will enter a que and not transfer minutes later. 
The files I am using are fairly small (20MB) so I cannot see why there are so 
many difficulties uploading them. 

#2- The Bedgraph/Wig to BigWig conversion tool - is it normal for this to take 
1.5-2 weeks to run? Every once and awhile I get lucky and it runs in ~12 hours, 
but other files started at the same time are taking up to 2 weeks to convert. 

I greatly appreciate any advice you can provide to rectify these situations

Kristin Kernohan
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