Hello dev-members,

We are trying to place our public Galaxy
instance<http://galaxy.raetschlab.org>in a more secured manner,
Currently I am playing with few test cases about
the redirection vulnerabilities.

The following link uses a URL variable called “redirect_url” to redirect a
user to a given page. While this variable is intended to only direct a user
to a trusted page, it fails to validate the provided value and therefore
can be used to redirect to any page.


This example redirects a user to Google, but it could just as easily be
used to direct a user to a page that contains any malware.

To resolve the issue, may be validate all user controlled input, including
the GET request variables. If the input is intended to redirect a user, it
must be validated to ensure it only presents them with a page on the
trusted site.

any comments or suggestions to work around this.


Rätschlab, Computational biology dept.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
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