I'm trying to get the example_watch_folder.py to work with a simple
example, but I am running into an error (Caveat, python is not
my native language)

I call the following script, but get the subsequent error:

$ ./example_watch_folder.py 8c25bc83f6f9e4001dd21eb7b64f063f
http://localhost:8080/ /Users/Rob/Documents/galaxy-db/input/
/Users/Rob/Documents/galaxy-db/output/ "API Imports" 2a56795cad3c7db3

          * URL did not return JSON data*

The preconditions I have in place are:

1. I copied my api_key: 8c25bc83f6f9e4001dd21eb7b64f063f

2. I created a new history on http://localhost:8080

3. I downloaded the the exons from hg19/chr22 from UCSC

3. On the dataset I performed a Text Manipulation > Select first (20 lines)

4. I extracted a workflow from the history and recorded the workflow id

5. I created directories:

   - /Users/Rob/Documents/galaxy-db/input/
   - /Users/Rob/Documents/galaxy-db/output/

My args may be malformed. Can someone provide me an example of a theirs?

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