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> Issue 634: Optional column select arguments?
> https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/issue/634/optional-column-select-arguments
> Nate Coraor / natefoo on Wed, 30 Nov 2011 21:51:21 +0100:
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This issue was moved to Trello as:

I'd still like to define an optional column parameter as follows:

<param name="startcol" type="datacolumn" dataref="inputtabular"
multiple="False" numerical="False" optional="True"
label="Column containing start co-ordindate"
help="Leave empty to include everything from the first base/residue"/>

i.e. I want the user to either select ONE of the columns of the input
tabular data file (in which case getting "1" or "c1" etc as the string
is fine) OR pick no column at all (in which case I want an empty
string or similar in the command string.

The bug is that Galaxy defaults to column one, and the UI doesn't
allow no column to be picked. It occurred to me a simple UI idea
would be to include a dummy 'No column' entry in the drop down
before column 1, column 2, etc.

Would that be acceptable?

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