We are working on an astrophysics project, and making use of a currently 
private Galaxy instance. We have introduced a new datatype, which we call 'db'; 
this datatype corresponds to SQLite3 database files.

We would like to be able to use the <options> tag, with the from_dataset 
attribute, to allow us to form a selection of options determined by data 
available in the SQLite3 file. However, looking at the code in 
dynamic_options.py, we don't see how to do what we want. It appears that the 
code associated with 'from_dataset' only supports obtaining information from 
textual files. When we tried to use the options tag, we obtain a failure that 
looks like the system has read the first megabyte of data from the SQLite3 file 
as a string, which of course can't be interpreted.

Is there an way to make our 'db' data type have the right interface to allow 
the option selection to work with it?

Marc and Jim
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