I have a question about running two Galaxy instances on separate hosts on
the same Torque cluster. For various reasons, including some recent changes
and/or removal of certain features (I am told BLAST was affected) in the
newer versions of Galaxy, I would like to keep our current older version of
Galaxy running while creating a separate Torque submit host to run the
latest version of Galaxy on it. I do not think that will pose any issues
for Torque since it will just see the new host as another submit host for
jobs, but I would like to know if this would cause any unforeseen issues
for either of the Galaxy instances.

They will both mount and store their data on the same network filesystem
but I will naturally have to create two separate directory trees for their
/<basedir>/database/<files, pbs, job_working_directory, etc>/ paths. I am
planning on making the local user the same on both submit nodes ('galaxy' -
we are not using LDAP on that cluster although we may in the future). Will
that cause any strange issues such as jobs being reported back to the wrong
galaxy instance? Will IP address or DNS name be a factor? Additionally I
hope there will not be an issue with the two instances both pointing to the
same FTP upload directory. The idea seems sound in my head but I want to
make sure I'm not excluding any critical considerations. Any suggestions or
insights would be appreciated.

Josh Nielsen
HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
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