We want to able to distribute Galaxy configured with the UCSC browser, 
specially for people who are not too UNIX savvy.  We had a question on how to 
do this, since we are planning to do it via git.  How can we set up the git 
server, in such a way that it doesn't compromise important files that are 
specific to our installation.  For example, in our universe_wsgi.ini file we 
have passwords for our database that we do not want to distribute.  However, we 
do want to distribute universe_wsgi.ini in releases so people can be updated in 
important changes.  We were thinking that maybe we should have a test machine 
to make sure all the changes does not break Galaxy, and then push the changes 
to our server machine an to our git server.  However, we are not sure if this 
is the most efficient way to do it.  Does anyone know how we can accomplish 
this without complicating too many things?

Thank you for your time and patience,
--Ricardo Perez
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