thanks to the awesome work from John Chilton in pull request #160 [1] I
hacked up a first version of a tool customization that can be controlled
by the user [2]. Requested as trello card #727.

The user will have a new preference panel (see the attached screenshot)
and can toggle several customization options. The options can be
specified by each administrator as filter modules under
lib/galaxy/tools/filters/. More details in John's original pull request.
For example, one use case would be to offer different module sets for
different studies.

You can specify system-customizations (John's work) with 

tool_filters = module:function, module:function2
tool_label_filters = ...
tool_section_filters = ...

and offer user-customizations with:

user_tool_filters = examples:restrict_upload_to_admins
user_tool_section_filters = examples:restrict_text
user_tool_label_filters = ...

at the same time. 
Only user-customizations will be shown in the preference panel. The
description of each filter is parsed from the docstring and shown to the

The patch requires no modification to the database, all user preferences
will be stored in user_preference with three special names.

Is there any plan from the core development team how such a feature
should be addressed. Is that approach flexible enough? It would be great
to get some feedback in which direction such a feature should evolve and
if its worth to put more time on it.

Thanks John, hope you code will be merged!

Thanks for your comments,


<<attachment: galaxy_toolbox.png>>

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