That is the intended behavior, but I've added a trello card ( for revisiting that decision at some point. We are definitely willing to be flexible about the testing conditions, but the primary goal of the automated testing framework was to verify functional correctness of an entire repository, to simplify the approval process for the category of "tools contained within the repository".

   --Dave B.

On 4/25/13 04:55:50.000, Peter Cock wrote:
On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:

..., I've still finding some other cases where despite having
tests defined, nothing shows up on the Tool Shed test results page.

Here's an example where I see that two tools (promoter2 and
wolf_psort) have no tests, but the results of all the other tools
in this suite are not mentioned (some expected to fail/be skipped
due to missing dependencies):
Revision 13:dc958c2a963a

Revision: 14:0d8b1d20ce9c


Here's another example where based on what happens locally,
I am expecting a failure:
Revision: 1:6ce8634e2035

This is failing for me locally, but again I suspect this is due to an
issue in the framework - much like the blastxml_to_top_descr
test is failing due to the datatypes not being updated, here there
seems to be something similar going wrong regarding the
second uploaded input file (which is used for to provide the
potential column parameters). See this thread:



Hi Dave,

Yet another case,
Revision: 8:1f546099212f

Revision: 5:d42346e675c4

These list five or six invalid tools which do not define any unit
tests, yet there is no mention of the tools present which do have
tests (and if they passed or not).

Even if ncbi_blastdbcmd_wrapper doesn't (yet) have a test,
I still want to know if the ncbi_blastp_wrapper tests pass ;)

Are this further symptoms of whatever was solved here?

Or does would a new Trello issue be best?



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