I'm looking at example_watch_folder.py and it's not clear from the example
how you submit multiple datasets to a library. In the example, the first
submit returns a libset [] with only a single entry and then proceeds to
iterate through each dataset in the libset in the following section:

data = {}

   data['folder_id'] = library_folder_id

   data['file_type'] = 'auto'

   data['dbkey'] = ''

   data['upload_option'] = 'upload_paths'

*data['filesystem_paths'] = fullpath*

   data['create_type'] = 'file'

   libset = submit(api_key, api_url + "libraries/%s/contents" % library_id,
data, return_formatted = False)


   for ds in libset:

       if 'id' in ds:

                        wf_data = {}

                        wf_data['workflow_id'] = workflow['id']

                        wf_data['history'] = "%s - %s" % (fname, workflow[

                        wf_data['ds_map'] = {}

                        for step_id, ds_in in workflow['inputs'

                            wf_data['ds_map'][step_id] = {'src':'ld', 'id'

                        res = submit( api_key, api_url + 'workflows',
wf_data, return_formatted=False)

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