This follows on from Kenneth Auerbach's question Sep 12, 2012: Galaxy error
running NCBI BLAST: blastx

I wish to use a local copy of the genbank database for searches. The
genbank db files are sitting in a folder on an external drive, and I have
altered the blastdb_p.loc to point to them.

I can see and select this database within galaxy, but when I try using
blast+ blastp tool, I get the error ""BLAST Database error: No alias or
index file found for protein database
[/media/sf_mikeds_bioinf/GenbankDB_Files/nr/nr] in search path

As suggested previously by Peter Cock, I can list all the files with: ls
which gives me the list:

The alias file, nr.pal is the last one in the list above, so is present.

I changed the default directory for the blast database:
  - this made no difference to the error.

I am running biolinux 7 (latest) in ubuntu within VirtualBox, on a macbook
pro. The external drive is a shared folder, and I can see all the files
within galaxy (e.g. I can import data data files).

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Mike DS
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