Hi all, 

I've written a script to help deal with the problem of maintaining toolshed 
tools across multiple toolsheds (eg test and release)

The problem I encountered was that switching between test and production 
versions of a suite of tools can be quite painful because every repository 
definition like this

<repository toolshed="http://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu"; 
name="proteomics_datatypes" owner="iracooke" changeset_revision="463328a6967f"/>

needs to be updated to a different toolshed url and (by extension) a different 
changeset revision.

The idea with this script is that you should be able to point it at a directory 
containing a toolshed repository and it will create a copy of that repository 
in which the toolshed urls (and changeset revisions) have been updated to 
correct values for a different toolshed.

I'm not sure how others are dealing with this issue (perhaps there is another 
easier way) .. but I've found this helped me alot so I thought I'd share



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