Yes, there are a few issues that are causing some repositories not to be tested correctly. I've discovered the problem, but the solution will require a bit of work. My goal is to have this resolved as soon as possible.

   --Dave B.

On 5/6/13 05:10:57.000, Peter Cock wrote:
On 2013-05-01 08:52, Greg Von Kuster wrote:

Hi Peter,

I created the following Trello card for this and things will be fixed as a
priority.  Thanks for letting us know!

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Dave Bouvier <> wrote:

Thanks for the data, I am in the process of tracking down the source of the
issue, and I hope to have a fix ready shortly.

  --Dave B.

Hi Dave,

I see from the Trello card you've made some progress here - but I am
still seeing odd results on the Test Tool Shed (including not seeing
any test results), which has also been reflected in the RSS feed.
e.g. Conflicting RSS entries:
Functional test results for changeset revision fae4084a0bc0 of
0 tests passed, 0 tests failed, 5 tests missing test components.

Functional test results for changeset revision fe469503441b of
0 tests passed, 0 tests failed, 0 tests missing test components.

Currently the Test Tool Shed shows me no test information at all
for this example (and sadly many others).

This seems to be part of a larger issue, "Latest revision: failing tool tests"
currently only lists mira_assembler - yet viewing this shows no failure
(or any other results):

Last week I had numerous failing tests (mostly due to missing tool
dependencies, some due to issues with the text framework). Many
of the (presumably still problematic) repositories are now listed under
"Latest revision: all tool tests pass" yet on viewing them there are no
test results shown at all, e.g.

Something seems to have gone wrong on Friday or over the weekend,



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