Hi Team,

I urgently need to resize the data partition on my galaxy cloudman instance 
without loosing anything.  I notice that there a gui on the cloudman admin page 
that will allow me to increase it to 1000GB.  If I use that will it restart all 
of the processes?  I need to maintain this as a functional instance since it 
needs to be available for use tomorrow at 8:00 AM and I do not have the time to 
rebuild it.  The gui says it will create a snapshot.  The following is what it 

"Expand Disk Space
Through this form you may increase the disk space available to Galaxy. All of 
the cluster services (but not the cluster) WILL BE STOPPED until the new disk 
is ready, at which point they will all be restarted. This may result in Galaxy 
jobs that are currently running to fail. Note that the new disk size must be 
larger than the current disk size.

During this process, a snapshot of your data volume will be created, which can 
optionally be left in your account. If you decide to leave the snapshot for 
reference, you may also provide a brief note that will later be visible in the 
snapshot's description. New Disk Size (minimum 100GB, maximum 1000GB):

Note (optional):

 or delete the created snapshot after filesystem resizing? If checked, the 
created snapshot will not be kept"

What is the likelihood that this will be successful?  Has anyone utilized it?  
Is there another way to resize the /mnt/galaxyData/ and /mnt/galaxyIndices 
partitions that will allow me to do what I need to?


Iry Witham

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