Further, it seems that it doesn't manage to get hold of the file specified in 
the input directory as I can see from the output:


    "data_type": "html",
    "deleted": false,
    "download_url": "/csiro/datasets/2faba7054d92b2df/display?to_ext=html",
    "file_name": "/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_137.dat",
    "file_size": 194,
    "genome_build": "?",
    "id": "2faba7054d92b2df",
    "metadata_data_lines": null,
    "metadata_dbkey": "?",
    "misc_blurb": "error",
    "misc_info": "Wed May  8 15:07:27 2013\nbashScript is: 
 is: None\ncat: None: No such file or directory\nFailed reading file 
/tmp/tmp.9LWrz6SaLy.nii.gz\nitk::ERROR: PNGImageIO(0x1abdcf0): PNGIma",
    "model_class": "HistoryDatasetAssociation",
    "name": "Extract 2D slice on None",
    "state": "error",
    "visible": true

input_image is: None

Does anybody know why the file may not be getting read? It is being copied from 
the specified input directory to the output directory.

I have set :
allow_library_path_paste = True

and added my user to:

Thanks for any help


From: Burdett, Neil (ICT Centre, Herston - RBWH)
Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 2:46 PM
To: galaxy-dev@lists.bx.psu.edu
Subject: Getting example_watch_folder.py to work...

     I'm trying to get the example_watch_folder.py to run but it seems to fail, 
and I'm not sure why?

I run:

 ./example_watch_folder.py 64f3209856a3cf4f2d034a1ad5bf851c 
http://barium-rbh/csiro/api/ /home/galaxy/galaxy-drop/input 
/home/galaxy/galaxy-drop/output "My API Import" f597429621d6eb2b

I got the workflow Id from :


which gave me:

        "id": "f597429621d6eb2b",
        "name": "extract",
        "url": "/csiro/api/workflows/f597429621d6eb2b"
        "id": "f2db41e1fa331b3e",
        "name": "FULL CTE",
        "url": "/csiro/api/workflows/f2db41e1fa331b3e"

The output I get from the command line is:
{'outputs': ['ba0fa2aed4052bce'], 'history': 'ba03619785539f8c'}

The files I put into /home/galaxy/galaxy-drop/input get copied to 

But nothing else happens.

If I go to http://barium-rbh/csiro/api/histories

I can see:
        "id": "ba03619785539f8c",
        "name": "colin.nii.gz - extract",
        "url": "/csiro/api/histories/ba03619785539f8c"

However when I go to:

I get:
    "contents_url": "/csiro/api/histories/ba03619785539f8c/contents",
    "id": "ba03619785539f8c",
    "name": "colin.nii.gz - extract",
    "state": "error",
    "state_details": {
        "discarded": 0,
        "empty": 0,
        "error": 1,
        "failed_metadata": 0,
        "new": 0,
        "ok": 0,
        "queued": 0,
        "running": 0,
        "setting_metadata": 0,
        "upload": 0

Any ideas much appreciated


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